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Custodian With 100K Users Plans to Tokenize $13 Billion in Assets

  • Kingdom Trust, a regulated custodian managing over $13 billion in assets, wants to tokenize the more than 20,000 assets that it currently custodies.

  • "If you look beyond just Bitcoin, at the clash of alternative assets like [real estate investment trusts] REITs, gold, land, and other things that Kingdom custodies, this is a prime environment for the clash between blockchain technology, tokenization of assets, and the 20000 assets that we currently hold."

  • Asset custodian is uniquely suited to target tokenization As an established custodian with a six-figure user base over 20,000 supported assets, Radloff asserts that Kingdom Trust is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the emerging tokenization sector.

  • Kingdom waits for leading tokenization platform to emerge Despite wanting to be at the forefront of tokenization, Radloff stated that Kingdom Trust will wait for a market-leading tokenization platform to emerge before diving in, adding that the firm will focus on growing its recently launched retirement account supporting both Bitcoin (BTC) and legacy assets over the shorter term.

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